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Manufacturer: Crosssley
Model: Q4 Tractor
Year of build: 1939
Censorship No. RAF 75516
Known History: This tractor was used to pull the Queen Mary aircraft trailer. In its time in the RAF it was used by various units as is evident in the photos below.
It was used in Motor Pools M40 and M41(/23).
On the drivers door we have found various insignia and markings which are yet to be identified.
The Collection acquired the Crossley in the late 1990's from a small farm in Norfolk.
How to restore this vehicle has caused much debate due the fact it still has its original markings and never been painted since its time in the RAF. To date all we have done is get it running and refurbished the wiring as part of this process. It is currently in store.
Any information regarding the markings would be gratefully received.