Manufacturer: Austin
Model: K5 Gun portee
Year of build: 1942
Censorship No.  
Known History: Bought in a semi restored state, in Hull and at present restoration is continuing. These vehicles were adapted to serve as platforms for a 6pdr Anti Tank gun in the desert when battles were very fluid affairs moving over considerable distances and the guns were required to be put into action quickly. The gun could be fired facing forward over the driver or in reverse over the tailgate.

It carried a crew of 4 plus driver, ammunition and stores. In the main they were used by the New Zealand army and saw little service outside of the open desert terrain in North Africa.

W-P.jpgaustin-k5-portee-2.jpgPortee 23 JULY 2011 BELTRING.jpgaustin-k5-portee-1.JPGDSC_0777.jpgDSC_0784.jpgPortee.jpgDSC_0778.jpg