Occasionally, items from the collection may be surplus to requirements and offered for sale.

We are always on the lookout for items to complete our restoration projects, so please check down the page for what is on the list.

If you are interested in any of the items for sale, or have an item in the wanted section you would like to sell, please contact us.


Austin K4 - for restoration

Dry stored for past 20 years. In need of restoration. Engine was running circa 10 years ago, we have not attempted to start it since.

Includes chassis/cab/engine/transmission. No rear body.



AEC Matador - complete vehicle for restoration 

Ex-Royal Navy

Has not run in our ownership (circa 20 years) but has been kept under cover

Includes cab, rear body, engine/gearbox etc.

08538553 (Navy M.A.T) Built for the Army as a Medium Artillery Tractor (Tropical). Part of contract S4264 date probably 8.44 - 4.45. Original War Dept No H5471653, post war Ministry of Supply No 75RN26.



Bedford RL - Complete vehicle for restoration 



AEC Matador Project 

Unfinished project

Includes chassis, wheels, engine, transmission

Cab pictured on the truck is not included in the sale, but the green one pictured on the floor is included

08536226 (Part restored Green cab/Blue chassis) Built for the Army as a Medium Artillery Tractor. Part of contract VM11373 dated 31,1.42. Original War Dept No H4951218, post war Ministry of Supply No 91YY71.



AEC Matador Front Axle - £250

7.9 Ratio Differential


Harvey Frost Crane Jib, removed from AEC Matador

£300, jib only (no lifting gear)

2 x Staghound Armoured Car front Axles, New Old Stock

2 x Staghound Armoured Car front Axles, Used

Bedford RL Workshop Body - great for a camper conversion - £1000


Please note that viewing is by appointment only. If you wish to enquire about an item listed for sale, please contact us.


90cm search light parts (Pictured)

Burner, carbon rods, controlling arm and wheel, caterpillar track, new mirror and generator.



WW2 Sea Mine (Like the one pictured)