IMG 4505After nine months of planning we were delighted at the scale of the success of our event at Tyntesfield House.  With the help of the Western IMPS, countless volunteers and the Blitz Buddies we had a fantastic weekend in the sunshine.  The official figures from the National Trust indicate there were well over five thousand visitors to the event.  Considering the car park and overflow was full to capacity on both days by mid-day makes us think the NT figures are a little amiss.  In the evening we sold nearly 500 tickets for the dance.

From the Collections perspective it was great to have some many vehicles out on display.  The guns in Artillery Corner were a big hit as was the freshly restored Anderson Shelter.  The old BSA looked great on the lawn and the search lights proved a hit after dark.  

The movement of so many vehicles at one time is problematic and always highlights more jobs to be done.  It would appear the manifold gasket has gone on the OY and the gear selector on the Fox has sheered.  The latter is very frustrating as we have only recently had the engine and gear box out to replace second gear but we hope it is not too serious.

You can now see all the wonderful pictures from the weekend by clicking here.