4.5 legs spread

Over the past few month we have been chipping away at the 4.5 gun carriage.  Last week we decided to get it out of the workshop to try and spread the legs as the space in the workshoe was too confined.  In the end we had to chain one leg to a gate post and gradually pull the two apart; clearly it had been a while.  After copious amounts of grease/oil we managed to get one leg moving relatively smoothly whilst the other is a 'heavy' to say the least.  It had also been out intention to remove the recouperator but we had underestimed the weigt and fact the forklift didn't have enough reach; it will wait till next time.  After all the ecitement the legs were closed and the gun pushhed back into the workshop.  Our next job is to remove the wheels and look at the brakes and hubs etc. IAm sure more arm wrsetles await!

4.5 legs spread2