Restoration news in brief:  

Austin Engine3 The Austin engine has be refitted and is running like a dream. (Hopefully not speaking to soon!)

 AEC clutch adjustment After months of anguish we have managed to get the clutch brake to work on the old AEC tmber tractor.  It was getting teribly embaraessing leaving half of your gears on the floor each time you attempted to change gear.

Willys chassis off to be blasted After months of fettling the Jeep chassis was sent off to be shot blasted.  The Little Lady will soon be back on her feet.

BSA magneto And finally the Magneto was striped off the BSA and rebuilt.  First time the old bike has been running in nearly 15 years.


In the meantime we have also be moving the odd vehicle and trying to get the workshop straight.  Never a dull moment!