The restoration of the 4.5" gun has entered the final phase at last!

With a great deal of persuasion, the barrel was fitted (in the rain no less).



This allowed the whole assembly to be wheeled back in to the workshop for the final bits to be added, including the vertical springs.



A couple of these springs are snapped and will require replacement, as will the leather covers. After another few coats of paint and a lot of details added, the gun was once again taken out, this time to make its debut at the Dig For Victory Show 2016.




The gun was hooked up to AEC Matador 'Avenger', and taken off to the North Somerset Showground....




... Where it managed to take in a few laps of the arena on both days!



The gun is now back in the shed to have the final touches added and kinks ironed out (the elevation gear needs freeing up a bit, and the firing mechanism fitted, as does the sight).

A huge leap forward for the Shopland Collection and a big void in the workshop!