An update on what we've been doing with the tipper...


The binnacles have been cleaned up.

The inside of the cab is being painted white (typical of classic commercial vehicles)



New carb ready for fitting


New ignition leads and distributor cap


Stopping is more important than starting, and to that end we have fitted new/refurbished master and slave cylinders. The drum covers have been cleaned up and painted.

Below: The front brakes during reassembly


Getting the dents out the old fashioned way... with a hammer!

Inside of the nose cone into zinc primer, then gloss black for waterproofing.



As always, we've been busy behind the scenes over the winter months. One of the biggest events has been the acquisition of a new artillery piece, 'F Sub'. This gun was formerly at Tilbury, the Collection acquired this from our friends at The Garrison, Larkhill in 2015. It is our intention to restore it to working condition in order for ourselves and The Garrison to do firing demonstrations.

The Garrison were kind enough to give us some practice on a couple of their working guns over a weekend in November. We learned a lot in a very short space of time! Practice makes perfect and we plan to do lots more practice on 'F Sub'.


The radio silence in the months since the Dig For Victory Show 2015 doesn't mean we've been idle!

We took the Beach Master jeep on a trip to The War and Peace Revival in Kent. The largest gathering of classic military vehicles in Europe is always a great event and this year was no exception. We bumped into a couple of fellow naval jeeps there!


We also like to support local shows, and took the Matador Timber Tractor and the Anderson Shelter down to the Walton in Gordano village fete, which this year had a 1940s theme. They are pictured here with Dave and Lindsay's Morris.


The Little Lady - Jeep

The main focus of our attentions has been the 'Little Lady'. We had a very fixed and very important deadline to get this vehicle on the road.

Many gallons of midnight oil were burned in trying to get it finished on time, and a week before it needed to be dispatched on its most important mission yet, she turned over and fired up for the first time since the fateful motorway collision years ago.

There's still a couple of bits and pieces to iron out, but overall it's a super vehicle to drive, and smart to boot!


We were recently asked to supply two vehicles for filming of the upcoming BBC drama 'Close to the Enemy'. The Jeep and Bedford OY stepped up to the challenge. Keep an eye out for it on your TV screens in 2016.



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