little lady returns Back in July 2007 my faithful Willys Jeep, nicknamed the Little Lady was involved in an altercation with a National Express bus on the M4, as I was driving home from Beltring. The Jeep was declared a financial write-off by the Insurance Company but after a difficult wrangle they allowed me to retain the Jeep and its original number. At the time we decided we would have the Jeep professionally rebuiltvdue to the fct we had so many other projects waitingbut five years on little has happened. Last weekend we collected the Little Lady and return her to Clevedon to be restored in the Collection workshops. On her return we realised it is albeit twenty years to the day that we originally bought her in a little appleorchard above Honiton, in a very similar condition. Like in 1992 one thing is for certain, the Little Lady will bereturned to her former glory and a firm favorite within the Collection.

As we reported before the Austin 8 is in the workshop and as you can see the engine has been removed.  From initial inspection the bores are good, which means no expensive machining but we will check the big-ends and most probably replace the piston rings.

austin engine2Lots of fun and games but thankfully nothing broken.......yet!austin engine


You will also be pleased to learn our trusty old forklift is fully repaired and has return to active service.

On the 6th October the BBC descended upon the Shopland Collection for the filming of a drama/documentary about the D-day landing of June 1944.  The program tells the stories of four veterans who landed in Normandy 68 years ago through their own words and re-enactors.

lcvp filming3

 Our part in the program was to provide a landing craft, which will be superimposed onto the water in a technique called green-screening.  

lcvp filming2

The reenactors involved represnted the 1st Rangers who landed at Pont du Hoc and the 29th Infantry Division that laned on Omaha beach.  

lcvp filming4

Actions shots on the boat with David at the helm.

lcvp filming

The end of a long but enjoyable day.  Our thanks go to the cast and crew for making it so much fun and being a complete pleasure to work with.

Yesterday morning at 0800hrs we set about moving the LCVP so that it can be used for filming.

lcvp phase2 lcvp phase2a