In the last few weeks we have been busy trying to organise a plan of refurbishment for our LCVP.  It has been languishing on the river bank for the past six years but the spirit 'moved' last month when we were approached by the BBC who wanted to use the craft in a forthcoming TV programme about D-day. As you can see from the photos below there is much to be done but most is superficial work.

After years of inactivity the LCVP has be the centre of attention the past few weeks.  After much dithering a large TV corporation decided they would like to use our boat in the filming of a TV documentary about D-day.  As with all these decisions, the call was made late in the day and it gives us two weeks to strip and paint the old girl.  We spent the weekend clearing the landing craft of vegetation and various vehicles that had boxed her in.  

lcvp phase1 There is a landing craft......somewhere.lcvp phase1b The art of camouflage and concealment of a 1941 AEC Matador.

lcvp phase1c Adrian considers at which point he actually agreed to this caper & quite why he said yes.

lcvp phase1d The end of a hard days work.


It is not always military vehicles that end up in the collection's workshops.  Our trusty old forklift sheared a hydraulic pipe on the main mast after the fork carriage had become worn and bent.  On Friday we had to quickly remove the fork carraige so we can straightened the bearing carrier and weld the cracks before Monday, so the old girl is back in service with the minimal of time lost.


sept 12 ql near souchez

It is hard to believe that August is well past and we are now two weeks into September.   During August vehicles from the Collection made it out on number occasions to attend rallies across the SW of England and even travelled to France.  The Blitz Buddies Dig For Victory event was a particular favourite as was our annual pilgrimage to the battle fields of the Somme at Souchez.

sept 12 convoy green souchez

sept 12 dover docks

 sept 12 souchez

  Also in August the Beach Master behaved impeccably on two separate occasions when it was used as wedding transport.

 beach master on parade