After a busy day fluffing round on the vehicles, we had to move theFoxhowever the resulting mess undid all of the hard work. The pipe on the air in-take worked lose and then caught in the fan; striping the wire from inside the wall of the pipe. As more and more wire wound round the fan it start hitting the radiator and broke the core! Not ideal.

With the aid of Sims recovery we got the old girl home and have just removed the radiator. I can certainly think of better things to be doing on a Sunday night but the Fox has numerous engagements this coming weekend not to mention Tyntesfield on the 9th June.

On the weekend of the 30th June we were invited by the co chair of the Chalke Valley History Festival, writer and historian James Holland to attend this high brow event. The festival played host to many prominent names including the Secretary of State Michael Grove together with Max Hastings, Michael Morpurgo, and Jeremy Paxman to list but a few.


In his blue overalls and wellington boots JHS dressed for the occasion and the Austin gun portee was an instant hit with the locals:


Over all this was a fabulous weekend and was a nice change from the usual rally scene. Despite the mountainous hills between Clevedon and Shaftsbury the old Austin behaved impeccably but next year, if we are invited (I must add,) I think we will take the low-loader to be a little kinder on the old girl.

This morning arrived the following parcel containing an Exhaust O-ring for the Bedford QLC. The Bedford 'blew' the ring last September and has been sounding like a Fordson major tractor ever since. Hopefully we should have the job done over the weekend so the truck is ready for it's trip to Tyntesfield on the 9th June.


On Sunday 24th June we made the annual trip to Weymouth to support the British Legion's parade of veterans. In many ways it seems somehow appropriate as the old MVs cough and splutter their way down the promenade.

Our trip was going very well until the coil started to play up on the Dorchester bye-pass. We complete the Parade okay however the same can not be said of the journey home: The Fordson had to be recovered from Taunton after the coil finally gave up.

Sadly these things are sent to try us but I guess it is all part of owning and indeed using old vehicles.