carrier antic

After months of planning the Shopland Collection visited Tyntefield on mass and with the support of the Western Imps, the magnificent Blitz Buddies and of course the National Trust, what a wonderful weekend we had.

On the Saturday we were blessed with magnificent weather which brought the public; filling both the car park and overflow field within a few hours. The vehicles mixed with dancing, actors, displays, crashed plans, tractors, farm machinery made a fine spectacle.

Recently we had a delivery from BATRAC of a nut to secure the carrier steering wheel. The last nut had been lost and its absence did alarm passengers when the driver would appear with a 'free' steering wheel in his hands whilst moving at speed.

Our sincerest thanks to Matthew McMahon for his generosity.

aec lift pumpIt is always bad to start with an apology but my absence from the restoration blog has been highlighted by our overseas readers.  

The past few months have past quickly as we struggle to get the vehicles ready for the rally season.  For example: Pictured left is a lift pump from our AEC Matador gun tractor.  

The old AEC has been struggling with a lack of power and after a series of investigations it came down to the lift pump. It has now been strpiped and is waiting to be refitted next week and we hope to have solved another little issue.

rl on setLast week we were very surprised and a little flattered to be invited to work alongside actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company. The Bedford RL is to star as Julius Caesar's Caravan in an Illuminations Media/BBC production.

The Shakespearean classic is set in modern day North Africa and reflects the brutal events of the Arab Spring. In many ways human never changes; perhaps you could even argue History is but a reflection of the future.