chassi repair

Over the last few weeks Jon has been working his magic on a chassis of the 1944 Willys Jeep.  The chassis concerned had a number of suspect plates welded to it which Jon cut out and replace with new.  

The photos here give an indication of the work involved and Jon's exacting standards.

chassi repair 3

We are very lucky to have such professional help in the welding department.  My welding skills are limited to blowing holes in things and generally distorting metal.

chassi repair 2

North Somerset Show 2012

To fit the Crossley into the workshop it requied a little manipulation and subsequent removal of the roof. Currently it stands in it's cabriolet form. A real lady killer!

crossley roofless 2Currently we are photographing the cab with the intention of producing a plan of how to rebuilt it. The next step will be to order the manufacture of new steel sections to match the originals. All in all a big jigsaw puzzle.

Once again Jon is at the forefront.

                            The windows are yet another challenge...

crossley rooflesscrossley window


You can always tell when you have been neglecting your pride and joys when you have wild life nesting in the cab.  To date we have had copious birds but the biggest surprise was four Kittens that appeared one year having been born in the back of a Bedford RL.  The fleet and the menagerie just keep growing.