This week was very much a case of one step forward and two back: Our involvement with the BBC resulted in one blown head gasket on the Bedford OY and a sectionalised exhaust silencer on the QL after a spectacular backfire.  Over the years we have learnt that if you use these old vehicles it tends to result in more problems; I guess it is all part of owning a vintage vehicle, although a WWII veteran once told that it was no different when they were new.

In the workshop itself, we have been struggling with the Austin 12 which just wont run: It has all the ingredients, fuel, a good spark and compression but no ignition.  Frustration is putting it mildly. Carrying on from last week we have been continuing the wheel nut saga as we get close to fitting the back axle on the Staghound. Currently we are repairing the transmission tunnel that will be inaccessible once the axle is fitted. Lots of small steps...

As my first attempt at a 'Blog' I hope you can forgive my ramblings.  The idea is to give an idea of what we get up to at the Shopland Collection.  The posting of these blogs may be a little random but we'll try to keep you all in the picture.

This evening we had our usual Wednesday night club in the workshops.  At the moment we are working on the rear axle of the Staghound armoured car and hope to have it fitted over the next few weeks.  This might sound a very small step but it represents a massive move forward in the vehicles restoration.  For the past ten years the Staghound has been a glorrified tin box come skip as we have searched the globe for parts.  Tonight really was a case of painting wheel nuts but it is another step on the path to completion.


Very recently The Collection has acquired a WWII fuel bowser, as used by the RAF.  The trailer adds to the Collections growing tribute to the Boys in Blue.  It is hoped to restore the trailer and tow it behind the Bedford QL bowser.  The QL is unique in itself as it is a pre-production model and was used in the 1969 film, Battle of Britain.

The other day we were asked to assist the BBC with the making if the latest series of Upstairs Downstairs to be aired next year. 

Although this might sound very glamourous, in reality it was more about driving from A to B until the poor old trucks had enough and overheated. 

On the bright side tea and coffee was a plenty and the food was pretty good.  All in all a good day out and I even got a free hair cut and make-over.