Manufacturer: General Motors
Model: Fox armoured car Mk1
Year of build: 1942
Censorship No.  
Current Status: Operational
Known History:

Very little is known of the vehicles service history other than it was badly damaged by a mine explosion. It is believed that this occurred whilst in the service of the Portugese Army in Angola. The vehicle resided at the Cobbaton Combat Museum for many years and was heavily robbed for spare parts. By coincidence, the running gear for a Fox was found in Australia and the two were united in 2006. The vehicle is far form complete but we are proud the vehicle has been returned to running order after a hard career in the Military.

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DSC_0747.jpgDSC_0761.jpgDSC_0772.jpgDSC_0345.jpgDSC_0753.jpgFox chassis removal.JPGFox hull exterior. May 2007.JPGFox battle damage.JPGfox-chassis-in-barn.jpgFox chassis.jpgFox hull..JPGFox turret.jpgFox interior.jpgDSC_0228.jpg