BL 4.5" Medium Gun

Year of build: 1941
Status: Operational (display only) 
Known History: The BL 4.5” Medium Gun was a long range medium gun designed for counter bombardment. The gun was first issued in 1938 and was used throughout WWII in all theatres of operations. By the end of the war the 4.5” had been superseded by the larger barrelled 5.5” gun that used the same carriage however the 4.5 remained in training regiments into the late 1950s
With a crew of 10 men, the 4.5” could fire 2 shells a minute up to a range of 12 miles. The gun was fitted with a split trail to give stability and had an interrupted thread breech block as designed by Axel Welin in 1890. Both the 4.5” and the 5.5” guns fired a bagged charge which alleviated the need for expensive and indeed heavy, brass cases. During WWII a typical 4.5” regiment had 16 guns, arranged in two batteries and towed by the ubiquitous AEC Matador. Currently our 4.5” is under going a complete refit but we hope to rally our Matador and gun in the near future.