Manufacturer: Bedford
Model: RL
Year of build:  1955
Censorship No.  
Known History:

The old girl was built in 1955 and came to Clevedon in 1957 when a motor ambulance company was formed at the Drill Hall on Albert Road by Captain Shopland. The RL still carries the markings of 502 Company RASC. even though the unit was disbanded in 1968 and the lorry was transferred to the army cadet company based in the same drill hall. In 1977 the RL ended her military service and came to live at the Sawmills. The initial intention was to turn the RL into a timber tractor to replace the AEC but times had changed as the business had ceased hauling timber. The old RL was parked in a corner of a shed where she remained until the mid 1980s. In 1987 a very young James Shopland started painting the old truck, which marked the start an ongoing passion for the restoration of old vehicles.

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