Manufacturer: Willys
Model: MB
Year of build: 1942
Censorship No.  
Known History:

Restored 2008-2009 to attend 65th Anniversary of the Normandy Landings. Painted in the distinctive Royal Navy blue livery, this vehicle depicts a Jeep assigned to a Beach Master officer, giving rise to the nickname.

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beachmaster-jeep-3.jpgbeachmaster-jeep-1.jpgWillys MB002.jpgDSC_0678.jpgBeach_Master_WAP_13.jpgDSC_0903.jpgDSC_0945.jpgIMG_0361.jpgWillys MB Jeep Jan 2009 021.jpgJeep Jan 2009.jpgJeep Jan 2009 002.jpgbeachmaster-jeep-2.jpg