Model: Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel
Year of build:  
Censorship No.  
Known History:

This is a post war version of the wartime 'Higgins Boat'. This particular boat was used in the filming of Steven Spielberg’s epic, Saving Private Ryan, and more recently The Monuments Men starring Matt Damon and George Clooney.

The post war vessels differed by having a fibreglass hull, although the dimensions remain the same. For the filming of Saving Private Ryan, dozens of fake rivets were glued to the hull to represent the earlier design. The LCVP is currently undergoing a spruce up and repaint, having now been assigned a suitable trailer to transport it with.

For the filming of the BBC documentary 'Heroes of D-Day', wooden ribs were added to the inside of the boat and painted to represent steel ones. As this boat is fibreglass, it does not have the ribs of the wartime vessels.

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