GIBBS MOTORS is the name for our portable garage set piece. It started out life as part of the background set for the 2014 film The Imitation Game. Once filming was over, the 'huts' were dismantled and we were lucky enough to salvage some before they went to be recycled. We hatched a plan to use three of the hut walls to form the basis for a vintage garage.

With a lot of help from The Blitz Buddies and the Dig For Victory Show volunteers, the garage was built and first displayed in June 2014. The interior dressing was provided by The Blitz Buddies.

You can see the build in tha gallery below. As we were short on time, the letters for the sign were laser cut by our friends at The Laser Shack.

The name 'Gibbs Motors' is a tribute to the Gibbs family of Wraxall, on whose former estate the Dig For Victory Show now takes place.