4.5" Gun

As this is currently using the intended 'transit bay' in the dirty workshop, we've resolved to carry on doing bits and pieces where possible. An awful lot of the gun still needs cleaning up and painting. In order to waterproof the metal and prevent rust, it'll first be going into gloss.

Primer and most military paints are porous, so it's not advisable to leave vehicles without a layer of protection.

Little Lady Jeep

Speaking of paint, this vehicle is now getting the next stage of treatment - going over the gloss with a suitable matt paint. Herb has been making great progress on getting all the components in top condition. 

A body tub has been selected that needs a minimum of work, so expect to see updates on this soon.

AEC Matador Timber Tractor

Rich and Mark have been working on getting the charging system back in order -a sticky voltage regulator was the likely culprit.

With that done, the headlights were the next focus of attention. These had been wired up so that dip and main beam would come on together, causing the bulbs to heat up too much.

A new earth was added and the settings separated. Just need to find some suitable bulbs now, all the others having blown!