There's been a huge push on the gun in recent months, spearheaded by Paul and aided by all workshop team members. Here's what's been going on.

Work on the gun had more or less stalled while we concentrated on 'The Little Lady' and the Bedford. We were able to erect the gantry which was essential to being able to move these heavy components. At some point in its past life, the elevation gear had been welded together. The welds had to be cut carefully and the quadrant and recuperator freed off to allow it to be removed.


With the recuperator gone, we were able to shift the cradle from side to side using a 10 ton jack. It was extremely stiff. More components were freed off and the cradle could be pried from the carriage. A lot of grot and a rather horrible rats nest greeted us!

The bearings were removed, cleaned up, as well as the bearing surfaces, and the whole lot was needle gunned and painted. 


Meanwhile, the extremely stiff leg was finally taken off (required the full force of the big jack, and the weight of the carriage itself!), flipped over and given some TLC.

This leg carries the wiring on the underside which operates the electronic brake solenoids. Once measured up, some suitable galvanised tube was fitted.

With the cradle re-mounted, and now able to be moved by hand, the traverse and elevation gear can be mounted, requiring lots of grease. The 3.7 AT prototype gun donated a traverse wheel.

In this process we discovered the ID plate showing that this gun was formerly E Sub.

A start could also be made on the barrel. The breech has been opened up, and the whole thing has been rubbed down and put into primer.

We're hoping to get this project completed this summer, so watch this space!