Volunteers from the Shopland Collection, IMPS and DFVS Team worked tirelessly to deliver this fabulous event on the North Somerset Showground.

DFVS 2014from above2

After nine months in the planning DFVS 2014 was a huge success, with over 250 vehicles, 3500 visitors and a packed programme of re-enactors, singers and performers. 

 Good night Sweetheart Acts included the fabulous Good Night Sweethearts, Ricky Hunter, Jayne Darling, Sandy Ince to name but a few.

Bentley2  Various car clubs supported the event including, Norton and Radstock, RR and Bentley SW Branch and the locel MVT.

James Holland We were delighted to welcome speakers James Holland, Col Stuart Tootal, Seren Evans Charrington, Julia Elton.

The Shopland Collection had over forty different exhibits and vehicles on display, including the LCVP, Mk8 torpedo, Jeeps, Staghound and 25pdr to name but a few.

Shopland Collection

The Collections 3.7" HAA Gun looks resplendent in its new 'bunker' / gun pit.

3.7 Bunker

We were very fortunate Jason Jefferies brought Jim Clark's Sherman which put on a fabulous display in the arena on both days.

Sherman at DFVS 2014

You can read more about the event at www.digforvictoryshow.com

I guess the question do we want to do it all again next year......

Outing to the Portishead carnival with members of the DFVS Team.

Portishead carnival


Portishead Carnival 2

Portishead Carnival 3

DFVS Poster 2014


Recently finished, we are proud to present the new Dig for Victory Show poster created by the  Lara Lockwood.  Planning for the show has dominated all the acticities of the collection over the past six months whether it be collecting sets from around the country, building new displays, restoring Morrison Shelters or writing Health and Safety Reports, the Collection's volunteers have been galvanised into the push for the Show.


The Little Lady - Jeep

Roughly two thousand tons of filler has been removed from the Jeep tub, we're about halfway on this section.

Once the footwells are primed, we can flip the tub and do the underside before starting the welding in of new panels.


Big Bonser Forklift

The hard-working mill forklift was taken out of use in the Autumn for an engine overhaul. Apparently the amount of sludge and coke inside the engine was a sight to behold!

This vehicle is one of the behind the scenes workhorses, for example last summer moving the Staghound armoured car out of the workshop.

With the engine out, it's a good opportunity to apply some fresh paint. Seen here with the first lot of primer going on.

Below: Engine block being lowered into place

Below: Primer applied to large areas - the counterweight was very scuffed up.




The Little Lady - Jeep

Over the past few weeks, we've been making steady progress on the replacement body tub for 'The Little Lady'. This tub was imported from Australia and seems to have had an agricultural life, with copious amounts of filler and some rather patchy repairs.

This means lots of work with the angle grinders and wire brushes, then painting the bare metal to protect it. After that, we can work on welding in new sections.

The above photo gives an idea of how much filler was in the floorpan alone!



The Torpedo Team have given the demonstrator a lick of paint, starting to look very smart.